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UV Offset: Quality, Speed and Price

In today’s competitive marketplace, marketing leaders crave the most recent purchasing data before making a final decision on the offer, circulation or items promoted. To achieve last minute decisions and still be in market on time, marketers need a print vendor that can shorten the production time and increase the speed to market for direct mail and other promotional materials. While there are many levers to pull that can influence speed, few are as game changing as Komori’s new 8 color UV perfecting press.

Speed to Market
Komori’s new press can print both sides of the sheet at the same time, hang 8 plates in 72 seconds and achieve color in less than 100 waste sheets. Using Komori’s environmentally friendly HUV system to cure the inks immediately, the sheets are dry on both sides when they exit the press. This allows for immediate post-press production. With this new press at Baesman, we’re routinely printing jobs and shipping them on the same day. Clients also love the opportunity to do press side approvals and see both sides of the sheet at the same time. No more all day press checks!

Lower Costs
Since the 8 color perfector can successfully print both sides of the sheet in a single pass, the time on press is cut in half. New software and electronic controls allow the press operator to achieve color in less than 100 sheets, saving 1500 sheets per press form. This not only saves a lot of money, it also saves our environment. And, since the sheets are bone dry immediately, aqueous coating is no longer necessary to speed up post press production. The dirty secret about aqueous coating is its cost, about $30 per thousand sheets. Yikes!

Improve quality
If you have never seen UV printing on uncoated paper, you don’t know what you’re missing! UV light cures the ink immediately, allowing for extremely vibrant color and clarity for both uncoated and coated paper. Oftentimes, conventional printing on uncoated paper can look dull and muddy. The HUV process keeps the ink from soaking into the paper and losing its crispness. In addition, HUV opens a whole new world of affordable options for special UV coatings and special effects including reticulating varnishes and strike through UV coating to add a gorgeous touch to those special projects.

It’s a marketer’s dream: lower print costs, increased speed to market and improved quality. What’s not to love?