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Baesman Group has partnered with Komori America Corporation to add a brand new tool to its printing arsenal: the Komori eight-color Lithrone G40 perfector press (GL840P) with H-UV. This new Komori printing press will increase Baesman’s printing capacity by 50 percent, allowing us to produce even more direct marketing materials for our growing client roster.

Commenting on the strategic partnership with Komori America Corporation, Baesman CEO Rod Baesman said, “Komori always delivers the latest in printing technology and this new press is no exception.

Previous technology required the ink to dry for 24 hours before further processing and now, with H-UV, the ink is dry immediately. Since the press can print both sides in a single pass, it cuts our production time in half. We invested in this equipment to keep pace with client expectations of lower costs and faster speed to market.

As clients are making their marketing decisions closer to the date of promotion, faster speed to market allows them more time to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.”

Whereas the average printing press can only print up to four colors per pass, the Komori G40-P eight-color perfecting press with H-UV can print up to eight colors on one side of a sheet in a single pass, or four colors on both sides of a sheet in a single pass. With H-UV technology, the ink also dries with low energy UV light, making the press cooler and more environmentally friendly than traditional UV printing.

There are more than 20,000 printing companies in the United States, and Baesman is one of only 25 printing companies in the country to employ this latest technology from Komori.

In addition to cutting down on Baesman’s production time, the new Komori printing press will also double our production capacity. The printing press that it replaces printed up to 15,000 sheets per hour; the new Komori printing press will print up to 30,000 sheets per hour. Baesman intends to use the press to print direct marketing materials, promotional collateral, point-of-sale signage, and packaging.

The Komori printing press has the capability to print on paper, plastic, vinyl, foil, and many other synthetic materials, enhancing Baesman’s offering for in-store and packaging applications. It also allows Baesman to print a variety of specialty coatings for maximum effect in direct mailings.

The adoption of the new Komori printing press is the latest in a series of innovations taking place in Baesman’s Printing & Fulfillment division.

In 2016, Baesman added two high-speed inkjet lines, a high-speed inserter, attaching equipment, and doubled its digital printing capacity. This follows a 100,000 square-foot warehouse addition to support Baesman’s growing fulfillment business, and a complete renovation of the Baesman headquarters in 2015.