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  • Integrate customer data into SAS environment
  • Compile all customer data sources into a single view
  • Analyze spending behavior and produce actionable insights
  • Develop acquisition matchback logic and analytics
  • Create a unique testing agenda for customer acquisition

Baesman helped Kate Spade’s customer acquisition perform
above plan

Making Introductions

Better data helps Kate Spade find and retain new customers.

Kate Spade is a coveted label for adorable, luxury women’s apparel and accessories. But even the strongest brands are in constant pursuit of the next generation of shoppers. So when the brand needed an effective way to acquire new customers, they turned to Baesman.

To support Kate Spade’s acquisition goals, Baesman put together a testing strategy that leveraged a variety of sources. This unique multi-sourced approach gave the brand the opportunity to zero in on the most valuable prospect types.

After targeted prospect segments were determined, Baesman was leveraged to create and execute supporting strategies. With this new prospect strategy in place, Kate Spade exceeded their goals for revenue and brand growth.