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Marketing Programs

Bring customer insights to life with custom strategies and personalized experiences. In any channel.

Great strategies start with great insights. Our marketing programs are data-driven and built around your goals and customer profiles. They’re developed to reach your customer in any channel. And they’re constantly tested, optimized, and updated in response to new insights. Your customers change. Your marketing should, too.

Understand, Plan, Execute, Measure, Improve.

Strategic Planning

Baesman understands how to interpret the vast amount of data associated with your best customers. We generate insights from structured data to produce seasonal plans and approaches across any channel. Collaboration is essential – we plan and concept with you, for precisely targeted campaigns all year long.

Strategic Planning Outcomes

KPI Goals
Acquisition & Retention Strategy
Customer Research
Industry Benchmarking
Seasonal Planning
Social Strategy
Customer Segmentation
Testing & Optimization

Marketing Execution & Customer Experiences

The best strategies are only as good as your ability to deploy them.

We engage where it’s most effective and tailor the campaigns based on data and proven experience. We deploy millions of pieces of content across every channel, and never miss a beat.

Our experiences positively shift measurable customer behaviors.

Marketing Execution & Customer Experiences Outcomes

Direct Mail
Full-service Email Marketing
Targeted Display
Social Marketing
Mobile & SMS
Lifecycle Planning and Execution


We take nothing at face value — if it’s not measurable, it doesn’t count. Baesman programs are driven by goals and KPIs, validated for impact, and tested and optimized so they’re even smarter next time. That’s the power of actionable intelligence, high-impact programs, and evidence that illustrates effectiveness — and next steps.

Campaign Reporting

After an in-depth analysis, strategy, and implementation, only one thing matters: did it work?

Only Baesman shows you detailed incremental results. We’ll prove your programs are effective. So you can rest easier.

Measurement Outcomes

Email & Direct Mail Reporting
Incrementality & Profitability
Matchback Analysis
Promotional Analysis
Demand Attribution
Channel Reporting
ROI Reporting
Drove customer acquisition 15% above plan thanks to better data.
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  • Integrate customer data into SAS environment
  • Compile all customer data sources into a single view
  • Analyze spending behavior and produce actionable insights
  • Develop acquisition matchback logic and analytics
  • Create a unique testing agenda for customer acquisition

Services Used

  • Data Services
  • Customer Profile Analysis
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Measurement & ROI

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