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  • Streamline ordering for POS signage and other materials
  • Lower the cost of shipping and printing
  • Provide greater control of quantity and other order details
  • Allow online proofing prior to printing
  • Simplify distribution of materials to thousands of location

Baesman helped cut Cardinal’s POS signage printing, shipping, and other marketing costs in half

A Diagnosis for Distribution

Baesman’s online solution makes it vastly easier for Cardinal Health to support pharmacies with POS signs and more.

Cardinal Health distributes medical and pharmaceutical products to more than 60,000 locations. And it supports many of those locations with POS signage and other printed marketing. Cardinal needed a custom solution that made it easier for pharmacies to order and procure their marketing — and cheaper for Cardinal to produce it. All while maintaining brand consistency and high-quality.

Baesman’s web-to-print and digital storefront was the answer. The system gives pharmacies individual control over ordering what they need when they need it.

Web-to-print is a prescription for success. Using Baesman’s online ordering and fulfillment system, Cardinal spends 50% less on printing and shipping compared to traditional phone orders and print job submissions.

Cardinal’s digital storefront also includes an online proof review system for any location ordering printed materials. This saves them time and money, making it easier to catch and correct errors prior to printing and shipping.