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  • Create more scalable POS signage and other marketing production
  • Establish better quality consistency across marketing
  • Speed up production and delivery
  • Lower the overall cost of marketing expense

$500,000 in savings after just one year using Baesman’s new printing methods.

Growing Pains.

Charming Charlie turned to Baesman for higher-quality, cost-effective marketing production to meet its fast-growing needs.

What works for 10 stores may not work for 100. That was the challenge fashion retailer Charming Charlie faced as it rapidly expanded. All those stores needed POS signage and other marketing materials…and the old way of doing things just wasn’t cutting it. Quality was inconsistent. Costs were high. Turnaround time wasn’t fast enough. It was clear the company had outgrown its original processes and vendors.

Baesman fixed all of these issues in less than a year. We established a one-stop-shop for scalable, cost- and time-efficient printing and distribution of key marketing assets. For example, changing the printing method of their POS signage saved Charming Charlie nearly $500,000 in a 12-month period. All while improving quality and consistency across all the pieces we produced and shipped for them.

Baesman’s consultation and pursuit of best practice has helped contribute to the company’s continued growth. Today there are more than 280 Charming Charlie stores nationwide.