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  • Reduce print run quantities and inventory
  • Reduce daily time demands on retail staff for fulfillment
  • Hold store managers accountable for sign replenishment orders
  • Improve order accuracy

Reduced program cost by 50%


Reduced freight and warehousing
costs by nearly 50%


Reduced instore pos
inventory by 90%

Cheaper, Faster, Better.

That’s what Baesman's S.O.S. system did for Lane Bryant's POS fulfillment.

Before Lane Bryant met Baesman, its POS program was in disarray. Daily fulfillment activities were managed entirely by hand, taking store managers away from important tasks and forcing marketing managers to deal with sign order requests.

Costs, inventory, and waste were unacceptably high. The solution was Baesman’s automated, turnkey Sign Ordering System™ (S.O.S.™) and custom kit packaging services. This online POS ordering system dramatically lowered expenses and inventory by enforcing store limits and simplifying order review and approval — all while providing reports and real-time low-stock email alerts to make sure stores have what they need. When stores need materials, a quick visit to the customer S.O.S portal is all it takes.

Earned our client the Lane Bryant President’s Award for Improvement and Costs Reductions

"I don’t know why any retailer in America wouldn’t use Baesman’s Sign Ordering System.™ It gives us the ability to be proactive, to manage a problem before it becomes a problem. You can’t put a price tag on that."

Cyndi Boblett, Print Production Director
Lane Bryant