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  • Generate traffic for grand opening of new flagship store
  • Stimulate sales with a strong offer
  • Meet or exceed opening week sales goals

Drove opening week sales
of $200,000


60% higher than expectation

A Stylish Launch.

The best way to build interest in a new Polo flagship store? Put the brand’s greatest asset to work.

Polo Ralph Lauren needed a unique-but-functional direct marketing concept to draw customers to its new flagship store grand opening. Baesman helped Polo conceptualize, design, and print a piece tailored to its target customer that resulted in a wildly successful opening week.

Polo’s target customer loves the brand’s iconic logo. So we created a die-cut promotional piece that featured just the logo on the front and a discount off purchase coupon on the back for the grand opening. The printed piece was handed out to consumers in high-traffic areas near public transportation and shopping destinations.

The piece’s sleek, high-end finishing was so nice that many customers chose to keep it as a collectible. But they also put it to use. Sales were 60% higher than expectation for the week of the grand opening. The store saw roughly $200,000 in sales during that first week alone. We later developed a number of other promotional campaigns and wide-format signs for this international style leader.

"Baesman has played an integral role in successfully driving increased traffic to Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Stores. With the innovative designs, industry leading printing and digital capabilities – they are an essential partner. Aside from their cutting edge technology, the group provides world class client support and guidance through an extraordinary skilled team. Regardless of the size of the initiative, all projects are managed with precision and executed with excellence."

Frank Bellina, Director of Marketing
Polo Ralph Lauren