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Warehousing & Fulfillment

Baesman combines systems integration, tracking, kitting, reporting, and intelligent technology to service all
your fulfillment needs.

We understand that eCommerce fulfillment is much more
than shelves, boxes, and freight.

We can integrate with top eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Woo Commerce, and FBA to name a few. Our digital pick-and-pack technology scans each item upon arrival, during packing, and before shipping to ensure orders are quickly and accurately shipped. We also manage reverse logistics for a positive customer experience and fast replenishment of stock. Need to store something? We can do that too. Our 100,000 square-foot fulfillment center is situated in Columbus, OH—and we’re ready to implement your 3PL logistics strategy.


Account Management

The vital link between you and your inventory.

The vital link between you and your inventory. We’ll dedicate a team to assist you in all areas of your business, including an account manager focused on making communication and accountability fast and easy. You’ll also have access to experts in Web and call center technology, project management, pricing, packaging, shipping, and logistics. We work with startups all the way through Fortune 500 companies... and we're big enough to be experts but small enough to bend the rules when you have an emergency.

Give us a call - anytime.

Baesman manages a multi-lingual call center so all of our clients can place orders by phone - or request assistance with online orders.

eCommerce Integration

We integrate with you—in whatever way works best to manage your stream of orders.

We integrate with you—in whatever way works best to manage your stream of orders. We can connect with your eCommerce platform, thru an API call, from an eFulfillment portal, or we can build a custom ordering site. The goal is to give you a direct link to your inventory. If your fulfillment program requires custom, on-demand printing in addition to your warehouse items, our custom portal makes it easy to order both from the same site. Then we consolidate the items to save shipping costs.

Inventory Management

Reducing waste in printing and shipping.

Reducing waste in printing and shipping. You’ve made a major investment in your product and printed materials, and your customer data is priceless. Whether we produce your inventory, or it comes from another provider, our entire system is designed to protect these critical assets, physical and digital alike. You’ll know exactly what’s in storage and what’s being shipped. We’ll send you automated, customized reports so you’ll always be in the loop.


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Kit Packing & Distribution

Getting your orders delivered in one piece.

We aren’t just a fulfillment company, we are experts in getting your orders delivered in one piece. Trucks and airplanes are tough on packages, but we know how to beat them. We ship more than 250,000 kits per year and are experts at packing your product and materials to eliminate damage in the journey.

Storage & Shipping Logistics

Secure, tracked, and on time, every time.

Baesman can store and manage your inventory in a secure 3PL warehouse to keep your product clean and safe. We can provide same day shipping and even next-day service at ground service rates, and can help determine every cost-impacting factor. When it’s time to go, we’ll keep you updated on where your shipment is with door-to-door tracking and give you complete access to real-time reporting along the way.

Freight Analysis

Baesman’s freight analyzer ensures you never overpay for the service level desired. Next-day service at ground service rates. Ask us how.

Shipment Consolidation

When possible, all orders are consolidated and shipped together to minimize freight.

Inventory Activity Reporting

View order status, inventory levels, shipment tracking, backorders, and much more through automated reporting, your web portal, or via API.