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Your data has a lot to say. We’re listening.

Customer relationships that drive sales are what you want to build. Analytics are how you track them, understand them, and keep them strong. We’ll help you capture, organize, and study behaviors to give you a better understanding of your customer, which leads to winning strategies, highly responsive campaigns, powerful loyalty programs, and increased engagement.

CRM & Analytics Checkup Assessment

Customer Profile Analysis

Our proprietary customer intelligence report

A far better understanding of your customers—that’s what this is all about. Baesman’s experienced analysts use powerful business intelligence tools to reveal opportunities, sharpen marketing strategies, and improve your ROI. We pinpoint how customers interact with your brand, so you can respond with programs that are relevant, targeted, and timely. Every transaction tells a story; we help you listen and understand. Our detailed report will inform your:

  • Customer Growth Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation Analysis
  • Roadmap for CRM Strategies
  • RFM Metrics
    • Time Between Purchase

    • Customer Frequency

    • Channel Analysis

Customer Acquisition & Nurturing

Appeal to them, then never let them go.

Winning new customers is always important, but retaining the ones you have can cost less and deepen the relationship. We’ll help you do both. Our proprietary tactics lower campaign risk and drive more predictable results. So more prospects join you — and stay with you. 

The best strategies, of course, are only as good as your ability to deploy them. We engage where it’s most effective and tailor the campaigns based on data and experience. Baesman deploys millions of pieces of content across every channel each month, and we never miss a beat. From helping you find the right lists that drive the highest response to a diverse email, print, and/or SMS strategy, your customers will know you better understand who they are.

  • Direct Mail
  • List Acquisiton
  • Full-Service Email Marketing
  • Mobile & SMS
  • Loyalty
  • Lifecycle Planning & Execution


reduction in lapsed buyers

CRM Strategy & Planning

The key to getting personalization right? Data.

Our fact-based approach will change the way you think about marketing. Baesman programs and strategies are rooted in analysis, your customer data and KPIs. Collaboration is essential – we plan and concept with you, for precisely targeted campaigns all year long. 

Of course, strategies are only as good as the insights they’re built upon. Through our exploration of your customer’s transactional behavior, we develop actionable intelligence based on your unique objectives, needs and health of your customer file. We give you measurable insights that drive profitable campaigns.

  • KPI Goals

  • Customer Research

  • Seasonal Planning

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Acquisition & Retention Strategy

  • Industry Benchmarking

  • Channel Strategy

  • Testing & Optimization


increase in transaction frequency


increase in average order value

We’ve worked with many marketing agencies but Baesman helped us understand our customers and their behaviors. Those insights are what led to program transformation and improved results.

Sarah Sharp:
Vice President, Hibbett Sports
Customer Modeling & Predictive Segments

Know your target before the tactics.

You’ve never modeled your customers like this. We combine customer data with purchase behavior to paint a more accurate picture of your customer’s journey. When combined with segmentation, predictive analytics and promotional analysis, the strategic possibilities are endless. Baesman customer profiles are the key to creating a holistic portrait of your customer.

  • RFM Modeling
  • Lifetime Value Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation & Journey Mapping


customer migration to high value segment
Customer Analysis & Reporting

Base your decisions on facts, not guesswork.

If it’s not measurable, it doesn’t help you. Our programs are driven by goals and KPIs, validated for impact, and tested and optimized so they’re even smarter next time. That’s the power of actionable intelligence, high-impact programs, and evidence that illustrates effectiveness — and next steps.

Baesman strategists and data analysts create program KPIs and measurement criteria at each stage of the lifecycle to ensure the growth and profitability of your programs.

  • Measurement & Analysis
  • Promotion Analysis & Testing Strategy
  • Lapsed Customer Programs
  • Demand Attribution
  • Campaign Reporting & ROI
  • Contact Cadence
  • Lifecycle Planning
  • Channel Reporting & Matchback Analysis


We take messy, unstructured data and make it usable.

Big data doesn’t have to mean big confusion. We help you organize, manage, and integrate your customer information so it works harder for you. We’ll protect it, too; our hosting solutions provide bulletproof security. Customer profiles, transactional data – you name it, we’ll clean it up and make it usable. Because good data leads to increased program participation.

  • Data Hygiene, Organization, & Validation

  • Cross-Channel Platform

  • API Development

  • Single View of the Customer

  • Database Hosting & Management

See the difference

Our award-winning insights are always available to you whenever you need them through comprehensive dashboards. Our real-time, visual analytics help you see connections in the data without delay.

CRM & Analytics in Action

20% of year-one enrollment within the first month.
200% lift in response rates in just one campaign with Baesman
Customer acquisition rose 15% with a 50% increase in customer data capture.
Drove up acquisition above plan

Beyond the Inbox

There’s so much more to Baesman than CRM and analytics services. We offer a suite of complementary services that deliver end-to-end marketing success.

Better email marketing results
Web to Print, on demand
More personalized direct mail marketing
Stronger customer loyalty programs

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Get to know your customers better.

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Get to know your customers better.

When brands get personal with customers, great things happen.