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Our warehousing and shipping is secure, efficient, and saves you money.

What do you look for in a warehousing and fulfillment partner? An easy, online ordering system? Proactive account management? Informative, automated reporting? Or intelligent and secure warehousing? That’s Baesman.

We provide custom solutions for storing, ordering, packing and shipping marketing assets and products. Branded ordering sites make it easy for companies to request and distribute assets fast and efficiently. All supported by detailed reporting that ensures reliability and continuous improvement. Baesman is everything you could ask for in a fulfillment partner.

Marketing Fulfillment

Amazing what a little planning can do.

Whether we produce your inventory, or it comes from another provider, our entire system is designed to protect these critical assets, physical and digital alike. You’ll know exactly what’s in storage and what’s being shipped. We’ll send you automated, customized reports so you’ll always be in the loop.


  • End-To-End Program Management
  • Industry Expertise
  • Store Attribution
  • Detailed Reporting
Product Fulfillment

Fully capable of serving your shoppers.

Baesman warehousing integrates with top eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Woo Commerce, and FBA to name a few. Our digital pick-and-pack technology scans each item upon arrival, during packing, and before shipping to ensure orders are quickly and accurately shipped. We also manage reverse logistics for a positive customer experience and fast replenishment of stock.

Need to store something? We can do that too. Our 100,000 square-foot fulfillment center is situated in Columbus, Ohio and we’re ready to implement your 3PL logistics strategy. It’s a complete resource for direct-to-consumer needs.

  • Custom Kitting & Packaging 
  • Self-Serve and Automated Reporting
  • Secure Storage with Security Cameras
  • Same Day Shipments

eCommerce Integration

Have an online store? We can work with that too.

Baesman fulfillment integrates with your systems, not the other way around.  Simply tell us what you need to better manage your stream of orders. We can connect with your eCommerce platform through an API call, from an eFulfillment portal, or we can build a custom ordering site. The goal is to give you a direct link to your inventory. If your fulfillment program requires custom, on-demand printing in addition to your warehouse items, our custom portals make it easy to order both from the same site. Then we consolidate the items to save shipping costs.

  • eCommerce Platform Integration

  • Print on Demand

  • Consolidated Shipping

Inventory Management

Safe, secure, and ready to ship when you are.

Warehousing and fulfillment is much more than shelves, boxes, and forklifts. It’s systems, tracking, kitting, reporting — and intelligent technology that ties it all together. Our climate-stable warehouse is a highly secure facility designed to keep items as good as new. 

We manage  thousands of orders every week, and use technology and process control critical to ensure the right stuff is in the right box with the right address. Powerful software and handheld scanners are the backbone of a QC process that tracks, verifies, authorizes, and releases every item according to your requirements. At the helm of all these systems? Your Baesman account manager – a single point of contact to ensure no loop is left open.

  • 100,000 Square Feet of Space
  • Skid and Bin Storage Options
  • Stable Internal Climate
  • Security Cameras Throughout

Make the freight system work for you.

We’re masters at finding efficiencies other shipping providers miss. We use proprietary freight analysis software, shipment consolidation, and other tactics to minimize cost and improve speed to market.

Kit Packing & Distribution

Get it there safe and sound. Everywhere, all at once.

We love the complexity of packing every item each location needs, in the exact quantity and getting it there safely and efficiently. Our kitting accuracy is unmatched because we know product in the wrong location equals lost revenue and a big headache. Our freight-analysis software compares weights and rates, ground and air, to find the best shipping option, whether your kit’s going to one location or one thousand. And yes, we are experts at shipping internationally as well. We know shipping.

New store kits? Damaged or lost sign? Baesman’s online ordering system and massive warehouse make it easy for stores to replenish signs, fixtures, and other marketing must-haves. Even better: we’ll run stock reports and send you notifications when inventory is running low. Print-on-demand options let you make changes to your offer and get it in store fast. 

  • On-Demand Packaging
  • Custom Kitting
  • Lowest Freight Costs
  • Same-Day Shipments

I don't know why any retailer in America wouldn't use Baesman's Sign Ordering System. It gives us the ability to be proactive, to manage a problem before it becomes a problem. You can't put a price tag on that.

Cyndi Boblett:
Print Production Director, Lane Bryant
Storage & Shipping Logistics

Our location lowers storage and freight expenses.

Baesman can store and manage your inventory in a secure 3PL warehouse to keep your product clean and safe. We provide same day shipping and even next-day service at ground service rates, and can help determine every cost-impacting factor. When it’s time to go, we’ll keep you updated on where your shipment is with door-to-door tracking and give you complete access to real-time reporting along the way.

Freight Analysis

Baesman’s freight analyzer ensures you never overpay for the service level desired. Next-day service at ground service rates. Ask us how.

Shipment Consolidation

When possible, all orders are consolidated and shipped together to minimize freight.

Inventory Activity Reporting

View order status, inventory levels, shipment tracking, backorders, and much more through automated reporting, your web portal, or via API.

Worldwide Fulfillment

For multinational clients, Baesman operates a warehouse in Toronto to streamline shipments inside Canada and avoid delays and costs crossing the border from the U.S. We also support all other international fulfillment operations using the same ordering site and account team, so you have consistency across your entire program. Wherever you go in the world, we’re there to support you.

Baesman is the bar we use when dealing with vendors. Thank you for always being available and so helpful.

Christine Ward:
Program Manager, MCN Group, LLC
Reasons to trust
Rest easy. You’re working with experts.

A vital link between you and your inventory, your account management team will assist you every step of the way. Because moving complex inventories in, and perfect packages out, takes experience and planning.

From storage to shipping, your materials are safe with us.

Your material is intelligently stored in a secure facility designed to keep it good as new. Assets are scanned coming in and again going out, so nothing goes missing.

Easy customized ordering portals looks and feels like your brand.

Our online tools simplify ordering and provide detailed reporting, so you’re never caught short-handed. Intelligent inventory attribution reduces waste in printing and shipping.

Fulfillment in Action

Reduced program, freight and warehousing costs by nearly 50%.
Effectively cut traditional print and shipping costs by 50%.
Drove flagship opening week sales of $200,000.

Get to know your customers better.

When brands get personal with customers, great things happen.

Beyond Shipping & Warehousing

There’s so much more to Baesman than fulfillment services. We offer a suite of complementary services that deliver end-to-end marketing success.

More new customers and better customer retention
Web to Print, on demand
More personalized direct mail marketing
Captivating visual marketing

Don't see what keeps you up at night?

We get personal.

Baesman understands why it matters. And how it can help you build lasting relationships.