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The more personal your message, the more they’ll give.

Baesman is in the personalization business, and nothing is more personal than support of non-profit enterprises. Appeal letters, email, direct mail – it all plays a role in generating awareness of your organization, and encouraging connection with your cause. Sometimes it’s membership. Often it’s giving.

We use database expertise, CRM and loyalty strategy, and variable data printing to identify your best prospects and send them messages that touch them personally. And with more accurate lists and strategies, you’ll spend less on printing and mailing – savings you can return to your cause.


Some ways we help

Know Your Donor
Personalize Your Message
Lower Your Postage Cost
Print Production Scaled to You

What's your challenge?

Cause marketing requires creativity, persistence, and speed to market. We get it – and we’re here to help.


What do we mean by One-to-One?

Picture a non-profit campaign that goes beyond name, gender, and location to reflect a deeper connection with your audience: their lifestyle, hobbies, past giving, and other defining characteristics. Baesman’s data programmers can transform your marketing data into increased responses through personalized, one-to-one mailers and email that are unique and relevant.

Proven, compliant data security.

Baesman protects your donor data with state-of-the-art data encryption and secure network layering. We perform third-party security assessments to identify and resolve any potential vulnerabilities. Your data is secure from start to finish.

Keep up with your audience.

An inconvenient reality: Your donors change. They move. They get married. They get older. Their preferences change. Do your lists keep up with their lifestyles? We work with a variety of data compilers, co-ops, and opt-in data sources to keep your lists current. And your generous givers loyal.

Big brands. Big successes.

These are just a few of the clients we’ve helped grow business, strengthen branding, and simplify complex marketing. We would love to see your story here.

Effectively cut traditional print and shipping costs by 50%.
Drove flagship opening week sales of $200,000.
Active buyers increased 138% in just one year.
$500,000 in savings after just one year using our new printing methods.

Even more happy customers

Youth For Christ
A Kid Again
Catholic Social Services
Columbus Zoo
Nationwide Childrens
Salvation Army

Get to know your customers better.

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Get to know your customers better.

When brands get personal with customers, great things happen.