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There’s nothing more personal than selling to customers directly.

Brands are realizing it’s more profitable to sell products direct to consumers. But it’s easier said than done. Success requires a strong customer list, a strategy for reaching and transacting with them, and fast, reliable fulfillment. Baesman is a full-service CRM and customer loyalty partner — we’ll help grow your customer base and keep them coming back through personalized promotions and nurturing communications. We can even warehouse and fulfill your products. It’s a complete solution, perfect for both wholesale or e-commerce channels.

Some ways we help

Build Customer Loyalty
A Personalized Approach
Warehousing and E-commerce Fulfillment
Do More With Your Data

What's your challenge?

This is the stuff that keeps you up at night. We get it – we’re here to help.

Every transaction tells a story.

How often they visit you online. What they showed interest in. When they like to shop. The kinds of things that interest them. Their responses to marketing. When and why they abandon their cart. We capture all this data and more, to pinpoint how customers interact with your brand – so you can respond with programs that are relevant and targeted.

A remarkably diverse toolkit.

There are almost limitless combinations of services available to our clients; indeed, no two solutions are alike. Seamless collaboration across our teams, skills, and strategies is uniquely Baesman – from analytics to print, data to production. We can even store your products in our 100,000 square foot fulfillment center, and package and ship them for you, too.

The key to loyalty? Intuition.

Intuition is Baesman’s proprietary, award-winning Loyalty Technology Platform. We use it to dig into purchase behavior, stakeholder goals, and brand sentiment, then use those insights to create a knowledge-based model for loyalty. Best of all, we customize it to fit your existing CRM systems.

Big brands. Big successes.

These are just a few of the clients we’ve helped grow business, strengthen branding, and simplify complex marketing. We would love to see your story here.

Reduced program, freight and warehousing costs by nearly 50%.
Drove flagship opening week sales of $200,000.

Even more happy customers

Ralph Lauren
Williams Sonoma

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Get to know your customers better.

When brands get personal with customers, great things happen.