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Make your direct mail more personal than you thought possible.

Direct mail marketing is alive and well, and Baesman does it all: from strategy, data analytics, and printing, to mail, mail tracking...we can even save you postage costs. We identify what portion of your mailing should be house versus prospect, and which offer fits your brand’s budget and drives the desired response. We’ll even show you which house customers deliver the best ROI. Combine this with our proprietary acquisition strategy and you’ll be amazed by the results.

Boost Your Direct Mail 
Response Rates 23-46% 

Our Response360 marketing platform is an Omnichannel Marketing approach that combines your direct mail with proven digital technologies. With it, you'll transform a single mail piece impression into at least eight and up to 32 impressions to the same audience across multiple platforms. Response360 makes direct mail the most effective form of advertising to increase your return on investment.

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  • Enhanced Tracking
  • Digital Integration
  • Turnkey Marketing
  • Proven Profitability
  • Quick & Easy Set Up

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The perfect offer for your perfect customer.

We specialize in complex direct marketing programs. Baesman combines decades of experience with next-generation custom printing technology to send the perfect offer to your best customers at just the right time. Baesman is an active partner, asking the right questions and making recommendations to ensure the work is perfect. You may be surprised just how sophisticated, and pin-point specific, your campaign can be.

  • Acquisition & Retention Strategies
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Lapsed Customer Programs
  • Measurement & Analysis
  • Campaign Reporting & ROI
  • Channel Reporting & Matchback Analysis

Are your lists keeping up?

Funny thing about consumers: they change. They move. They get older. They get married. Are your lists keeping up with their lifestyles? We work with a variety of data compilers, co-ops, and opt-in data sources to help you stay current with your target marketing and keep response rates high.


Fast, accurate, and begging to be read.

Our seven decades of industry experience gives you capacity, efficiency, and expertise. From digital color to UV offset, Baesman has the equipment and capacity to produce direct mail that’s fast, accurate and begging to be opened. 

  • Digital Web Printing
  • A Fleet of Six-Color Presses and Digital Printers
  • High-Speed UV Inkjet Addressing With Matching
  • Eight-Color HUV Offset Printing
  • Card Attaching
  • Offset Printing
  • UV Printing
  • High-Volume, Affordable, Highly Personalized Digital Printing
  • G7 Certified
  • Match Inserting

Perfect for

  • Postcards
  • Letter Packages
  • Self-Mailers
  • Card Carriers & Attachments


Make your message more personal than ever.

Imagine a one-to-one campaign that goes beyond name, gender, and location to reflect a deeper connection with the customer: their lifestyle, hobbies, past purchases, purchase recommendations, or other defining characteristics. Our data programmers can transform your marketing data into increased responses through personalized, one-to-one pieces that are unique and relevant to the customer.

  • High Speed, Digital Web Printing

  • Inline Finishing

  • Custom Data Programming

  • Test and Learn Strategies

  • Swap Out Images, Text, and Personalize Any Aspect

Personalized Campaigns: Four Key Reasons to Trust Baesman

Better Accuracy

Customers change. They move. They get married. They get older. Do your lists keep up with their lifestyles? We work with a variety of data compilers, co-ops, and opt-in data sources to keep your lists current.

Stronger Security

Monitored 24/7/365 and backed by a redundant power supply (traditional grid + natural gas generators), our systems offer strong data encryption, secure network layering, and multi-factor physical access controls. Complete client data segregation and annual third-party assessments and penetration testing have earned us the best possible risk scores.

Stronger Impressions

Our digital web press makes variable printing fast, affordable, and as beautiful as offset production. It opens incredible new possibilities for your marketing. Print something unique on every page. The nearest store. Your hottest new product for a specific audience. You name it.

Constant Improvement

Measure and compare the effectiveness of a message, image, or offer using our advanced test-and-learn strategies. Or test the performance of a new prospect list against your house file. Learn what works best, and do more of that. Data is fluid; Baesman helps you manage and do more with it.

The entire Baesman team was extremely flexible, accommodating, quick to propose creative solves, and patient with us and our client during the press check. We very much value our partnership...your team has been consistently the No. 1 partner we choose to work with our brands.

Sr. Analyst:
Alliance Data

Lower postage costs. It’s a challenge we live for.

Our DM account managers are masters of detail, implementation tactics, and simplifying the complex. We work with your team from start-to-finish to plan, design, and execute successful campaigns. The benefit of this much experience: efficiency, savings, and reassurance. 

Weʼre used to the tight timelines and aggressive in-home dates. Your projects are critical, complex, and totally dependent on pinpoint in-home timing.  We’re built to do this better than anyone. If DM costs and delivery issues keep you up at night, we’re the partner you need. 

And best of all, we’re experts at making the postal system work for you. We live and breathe the complexities of the U.S. postal system. We find efficiencies that other partners miss to lower your postal expenses.

  • Mail Format Analysis
  • Custom Drop Planning
  • Online Data Proofing
  • Online Mail Tracking and Reporting


Remove the mystery after your DM is mailed.

Using Planet Code barcoding, we monitor your pieces through the postal system so you know where your pieces are and when they’ll enter the home. You’ve never had data like this for measuring accuracy and effectiveness. Using early reads on redemption rates, you can project results and make decisions about their next promotion faster than ever.

Baesman facilities are located in the heart of the Midwest in a sophisticated and established transportation hub. We are a two-day shipment from 80% of the U.S. population, allowing us to produce and deliver complex DM in home faster and cheaper than anyone.

  • Card Tipping

  • Inserting

  • Mail Tracking

  • Matched Mailing

  • Co-Mingling

  • SCF & NDC Drops

Your team did an amazing job learning our brand, the process, and how we work. It's nice that you are so proactive and responsive (given) the number of projects.

Molly Michael:
Vera Bradley

Direct Mail in Action

$500,000 in savings after just one year using our new printing methods.
Effectively cut traditional print and shipping costs by 50%.
Reduced program, freight and warehousing costs by nearly 50%.

Beyond the Mailbox

There’s so much more to Baesman than DM programs alone. We offer a suite of complementary services that deliver end-to-end marketing success.

More new customers and better customer retention
Better email marketing results
Captivating visual marketing
Fulfillment that really delivers

Don't see what keeps you up at night?

Get to know your customers better.

When brands get personal with customers, great things happen.

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Get to know your customers better.

When brands get personal with customers, great things happen.