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Philly, We Have a Problem!

Tailored Signage Solutions. Transforming Charley’s Marketing Game!

Charley’s faced challenges in overseeing and furnishing daily marketing collateral at the corporate level to support individual restaurants. The current system, with its considerable personnel involvement, was causing delays in response time and delivery to the restaurants. In search of a more streamlined solution, Charley’s turned to Baesman Group. 

To overcome the identified problem, we developed a 100% turnkey print-on-demand portal using our Brandwise storefront solution. This portal is not only secure and aligned with corporate branding guidelines, but also enables on-demand orders to support selling activities at the restaurant-level. Implemening Baesman’s Brandwise solution eliminated the need for extensive corporate personnel involvement, streamlining the process and ensuring faster response times and deliveries to right restaurant locations at the right times. 

Developed a personalized 100% turnkey print-ondemandportal
Brand growth

Project Goals

Creating a secure and branded 100% turnkey print-on-demand portal

Ensuring a fully personalized and secure portal that was aligned with corporate branding guidelines

Enabling on-demand orders

Improving response times and delivery to restaurants

Addressing unique signage needs based on restaurant configurations

Reducing production waste and expenses associated with signage

Ensuring accurate and effective marketing displays at each restaurant

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