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Huntington National Bank needed to work with a partner that could decrease costs while optimizing direct mail efficiencies, including increased response rates and a greater overall ROI.

Huntington National Bank (HNB), which operates over 1,000 banking offices primarily in the US Midwest, required optimization assistance with their large-scale direct mail program. Although they had an extensive reach with 60 million pieces per year, the program was underperforming and resulting in a significant annual marketing investment with little return. 

The Baesman team decided to implement a full-scale audit of their direct mail program and test different letter formats in various markets. We recommended that they increase personalization tactics by using variable data printing (VDP).

Using our technology, HNB is now able to print variable color images and text on both sides of their mailers. Lastly, we tested the size of the letter package envelopes and the letter stock weight to maximize cost efficiencies while increasing speed to market and decreasing postage/other mailing fees by utilizing VDP methods.

Increased speed to market by
Brand growth

Project Goals

Optimize their large scale direct mail program

Increase response rates and overall ROI


Increase in speed to market


Decrease in overall costs

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