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Starting out on the right foot

DSW turned to us for help with creating a unique mail piece utilizing UV spot coating technology to make their postcard more eye-catching and help increase response rates.


Despite sending strategic messaging and imagery, DSW wasn’t realizing a high response rate. The overall cost to print and mail was too high, and the ROI wasn’t worth the investment so they turned to us for help. Little did DSW know there would be more perks than just eye-catching collateral to increase awareness. By using our Komori press, both sides of the sheet were able to be printed at the same time cutting DSW’s printing time in half. 

Additionally, with our UV system, inks dry like plastic as soon as they are printed allowing for immediate post-press production. The extra cost for aqueous coating to protect it in the mail stream was no longer needed which resulted in getting direct mail in home faster at a reduced cost.

The DSW marketing department now has more time to fine tune offers, respond to market conditions, and still have their direct mail in home on time. By switching to Baesman’s UV offset, DSW was able to save $250,000 to apply to their marketing budget. 

DSW saved
Brand growth

Project Goals

Improve response rates to DSW direct mail program

Reduce printing costs

Decrease production time

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