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Money and investments are personal. Marketing them should be, too.

Financial services marketing is full of possibilities — and risks. There are so many opportunities for customer acquisition and cross-selling, and just as many complex rules to follow. Baesman offers the strategies, tools, and regulatory knowhow to help banks, insurance agents, and investment advisors market to new and familiar audiences alike.


Some ways we help

Data Security Ensured
Data Security Ensured

We are cleared to manage customer data for some of the biggest financial institutions in the country.

Open More Accounts
Open More Accounts

Refine your marketing cycle with customer modeling, acquisition, nurturing, and profile analysis. Baesman CRM and customer insights make it possible.


Personalize Your Communications
Personalize Your Communications

Connect with prospects and customers with highly personalization DM, email, and SMS marketing strategies.



Worry-Free Fulfillment
Worry-Free Fulfillment

Your materials are secure in our fulfillment warehouse until it’s time to ship to offices and agents. We get it there on time for less expense.


What's your challenge?

Financial service marketing needs to be appealing, timely, and compliant. It’s hard to get it all right. We’re here to help.


Cross-sell efforts are falling flat.

We’ll help you create beautiful, personalized, print and digital communications that deliver results and show your customers that you really know them. But that’s just half of the story. We use measurement, analytics, and CRM to help you understand their behavior and build more detailed profiles of them as individuals. Which lets you send more specific, personalized offers in the future.

Your in-branch visual marketing is never quite right.

We know. It’s either late, arrives damaged, or is missing signs. Good news: we’re experts at printing, kitting, packaging, and shipping visual marketing. These assets help build your brand and drive conversion, and we deliver yours on time, on budget, whether it’s to five locations or 5,000. Our production pros will advise you on printing options that help you reduce costs and complexity. And our online ordering systems make it easy to replace signs or outfit new stores.

You have too much customer churn.

In banking and insurance, the best customer is the one you already have. It’s always less expensive to invest in customer retention than acquisition. So staying in touch with them is vital. They love it when you listen to them, and reward them with offers, updates, and special privileges. The more personal, the better. Our team of loyalty strategists will show you how.

Proven, compliant data security.

Baesman protects your customer data with state-of-the-art data encryption and secure network layering. We perform third-party security assessments to identify and resolve any potential vulnerabilities. Your data is secure from start to finish.

Our system works with yours.

The Baesman customer loyalty platform, Intuition,  is nimble and highly customizable. That means we’ll adjust our system to work with yours, not the other way around. Our goal is as little disruption as possible. And we can easily update it over time. It’s the best way to capture and manage key customer insights — and share that data.

Attention to detail.

Quality control truly matters in financial services marketing. Every marketing piece we manage is tracked, verified, and released according to client requirements.

Big brands. Big successes.

These are just a few of the clients we’ve helped grow business, strengthen branding, and simplify complex marketing. We would love to see your story here.

Drove flagship opening week sales of $200,000.
Effectively cut traditional print and shipping costs by 50%.
Customer acquisition rose 15% with a 50% increase in customer data capture.

Even more happy customers

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Get to know your customers better.