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The size and scale you need to get your message to voters.

Political marketing happens in compressed timeframes, in huge volumes, at very precise moments. Maybe your DM needs to follow a specific event. Or respond to changing circumstances. Or hit homes when vote by mail  ballots arrive. 

Whatever the timing, quantity, or format, we offer a major advantage to your next campaign: the operational scale and expertise to print huge quantities, segment them precisely, and hit in-home dates with targeted SCF postal drops. To get the votes you need, messages have to reach voters right when you want. We’ll make sure that happens.

Some ways we help

Motivate Specific Voters
Motivate Specific Voters

Personalized variable printing lets you tailor your direct mail marketing campaigns with greater precision.


Print Any Quantity
Print Any Quantity

Huge numbers or small – it’s up to your campaign. We print and mail around the clock at any scale.

Lower Mailing Costs
Lower Mailing Costs

We are experts at postal logistics, drop shipping, and fulfillment.


Leave It to the Pros
Leave It to the Pros

We take care of everything: list management, print production, shipping — all managed seamlessly.


What's your challenge?

Is there anything more stressful than campaign marketing? We get it – we’re here to help.

Not just one channel — you need every channel.

Political messages go out across every channel there is: direct, email, texts, the works. We can help with all of it, so your campaign is streamlined, consistent, and on time. Our systems integrate with yours, so lists are shared and updated simultaneously. And our analytics tell us what’s working and what needs to change. We’re as skilled with digital messaging as we are with print.

One-size-fits-all messaging doesn’t work. We need to tailor our message.

We call that personalized, variable printing, and we’ve been doing it for years. We’ll help you tailor your message to the individual voters, inside the envelope and out. And we can do it at a massive scale, so they all go out at once, or timed to specific milestones. Imagine it: unlimited variations of the same basic message, printed with the ease of one.

You need yard signs, brochures – the works. And one number to call.

Baesman prints in a variety of formats and sizes, so we can meet every print and delivery need you have. We can even warehouse your materials for extended periods of time, so it’s out of your way until you need it. This is a full service offering designed to simplify your campaign.

Precision, down to the carrier route.

If you’re too early, you constituents might forget the message. If you’re too late, they’ve already made their decision. Whether you contact them once or multiple times, we will get your marketing in home exactly when you need them. Baesman teams review materials, print methods, sizing, and target dates to find the most efficient way to ship your materials. We mail more than 150 million pieces a year – we have the experience to ensure you get the fastest service and the lowest possible cost freight and postage.

Keep up with your voters.

Know what’s annoying? Voters change. They move. They get married. They get older. Their preferences change. Do your lists keep up with their lifestyles? We work with a variety of data compilers, co-ops, and opt-in data sources to keep your lists current. And your customers loyal.

What do we mean by One-to-One?

Picture a campaign that goes beyond name, gender, and location to reflect a deeper connection with your voter: their lifestyle, hobbies, past purchase, and other defining characteristics. Baesman’s data programmers can transform your marketing data into personalized, one-to-one mailers that are unique and relevant.

Proven, compliant data security.

Baesman protects your constituent data with state-of-the-art data encryption and secure network layering. We perform third-party security assessments to identify and resolve any potential vulnerabilities. Your data is secure from start to finish.

Get to know your customers better.