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How to Find the Right Commercial Printer for You

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Choosing the right commercial printing company to partner with can seem daunting. How do you make the right choice? 

Let’s look at five key areas to consider to ensure you strike a productive partnership with the right commercial printing company.

1. Capacity ... Because You Need to Reach a Wide Audience

Not all commercial printers are equipped to handle the same volume demands. Small printers may only be used to handling printing for small businesses and may be unable to handle high-volume print jobs that larger brands demand. If you need printing for nationwide direct mail campaigns, for instance, you need a printer with the equipment and staff to accommodate those high-volume printing runs and get it done in a timely manner.

Capacity is an even bigger concern now in light of the national paper shortage. Since the start of the pandemic, paper has been in short supply, with many printers struggling to secure the paper they need and having to wait up to 120 days to have paper shipments delivered. Experts expect this shortage to continue affecting the industry for some time. 

It’s more critical now than ever that you have a printer who has the paper and envelopes in stock to fill large print orders and has a solid relationship with paper suppliers to help secure additional materials you need in time.

2. Efficiency ... Because the Clock Is Ticking

When it comes to marketing campaigns, you can’t afford to be behind the curve. Make sure you choose a printer who can deliver on fast turnaround times so you keep up with the speed of retail and deliver your marketing messages on time. 

It’s important to note that speed shouldn’t require compromising on quality. The key is finding a printer who can maintain high quality standards as efficiently as possible. If your printer is also kitting and shipping your visual marketing materials, make sure they’re known for careful packing that gets signs to their destination in perfect condition. A sign that arrives fast but damaged will ultimately be worthless.

If your printer is also your fulfillment partner, another speed-related consideration is their location. Make sure your printer is strategically located to get signage or direct mail where it needs to go quickly. For example, Baesman is within a two-day shipment from 80 percent of the U.S. population.

3. Technology ... Because You Want to Capitalize on the Latest and Greatest

Another factor that sets some printers apart from the rest is technology. Print technology is constantly evolving, and some printers may not be working with the latest and greatest equipment. 

Look for a printer who is making the most of tech like:

  • Variable data printing: Some printers can use digital inkjet printing presses and software to turn your data into personalized direct mail through variable data printing.
  • UV offset printing: UV offset printing allows for simultaneous double-sided printing, speeding up print jobs. These printers also create vivid, high-quality materials at an affordable price.
  • Web to print: Avoid the inefficiencies of ordering print jobs through emails or phone calls. A printer who offers a web to print system allows you to easily order custom, on-demand printing online.

Printers who invest in the best print technology can offer better efficiency, higher quality, and even better data security. This is an area where a larger printing company is likely to win out over a smaller company with limited resources. Do your homework to make sure your printer is working with the right tools!

4. Versatility ... Because Printing Is Just One Piece of the Puzzle

You might find a commercial printer who is a great partner for a very specific need, but one that can provide more comprehensive services and support is a better choice. On the most basic level, your printer should be able to produce all of the print types you need in terms of sizes, substrates, finishing options, and personalization.

It’s a major bonus if your commercial printer can also help you with areas related to printing. This might include steps that precede and follow printing, such as:

  • Organizing your CRM data to make suggestions on your printed campaigns
  • Gathering strategic mailing lists to help you acquire new customers
  • Warehousing and shipping printed materials 
  • Sending out direct mail, tracking it, and keeping postage costs low
  • Monitoring and reporting on the success of marketing campaigns

5. Support ... Because You Deserve the Best

An easily overlooked area is the type of relationship a printer offers. This shouldn’t be an afterthought because it can have a profound effect on your overall experience working with them. A true partner will assist you in achieving your printing goals and beyond, and they’ll be responsive to your questions. 

Avoid making assumptions like partnering with a smaller company means you’ll get better customer service or going with a cheaper company will help you maximize your ROI. In reality, you may be able to get superior customer service and support from a large company that’s well staffed with printing and marketing experts. Likewise, you may achieve higher ROI by going with a printer who prioritizes quality and consistency over one that is bent on offering the lowest possible price. 

In fact, a large, experienced printer can often make suggestions to help you save costs  on postage and printing while improving results. See how Lane Bryant reduced its costs by 50 percent by partnering with Baesman!

Baesman Lane Bryant Case Study Cover

The key is to get to know any printer you’re considering to make sure they’re a good fit and will be a valuable partner for your brand.

Baesman Is More Than a Commercial Printer—We’re a Committed Partner

When it comes to choosing a commercial printer, don’t settle for anything less than the best. At Baesman, we offer high-quality printing at high volumes and impressive speed. We can also support your marketing team through CRM and analytics services, fulfillment services, and more. 

At Baesman, we get personal. Let us know what types of services and support you need so we can help you achieve your marketing goals. 

Ready to connect? Let’s talk!


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