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INTUITION - A Patient Reward Loyalty Program In Healthcare

tags Healthcare Loyalty Programs Fulfillment

Rewards and loyalty programs are common in the business world, but they have only been around in the healthcare industry for a short time. As the need to boost patient and member loyalty has grown in recent years, more hospitals and health insurance companies have begun to explore the idea of implementing personalized rewards programs and loyalty strategies to benefit their customers and their member retention.

That's why we developed a cloud-based solution to help health insurers entice and reward members for taking steps to promote their overall wellness. Our proprietary solution, INTUITION for Healthcare, helps insurers make strategic and personalized decisions about what screenings may help keep their members healthier, reduce overall healthcare costs, and directly reward members by offering incentives like digital gift cards, gas cards, or physical gifts to prompt members and reward them for taking care of themselves with preventative screenings and more.

An ultra-secure, custom-built loyalty and CRM platform designed by marketers, for marketers.


We Do The Heavy Lifting And Get You Up And Running Fast!

Intuition for Healthcare allows insurers to have a single partner for their healthy rewards programs, including printing, fulfillment, communications, application development, and agency support. Our proprietary program integrates with virtually any existing application or data source you already have, ensuring you can start a loyalty strategy in as little as 30 to 60 days.

Intuition for Healthcare is fully customizable and completely mobile-friendly. You can create a fully branded PURL portal tailored to meet the look and feel of your organization's website in minutes. Additionally, the portal allows members to access and review screening options, with access to personalized checklists to ensure screens are created, completed, and entered correctly.



Key Components


A Cloud-based INTUITIVE Platform

Intuition is a cloud-based, secure, and reliable solution that is built to be simple and flexible. It has been tested to handle thousands of transactions per second and can handle hundreds of millions of users.

Intuition for Healthcare helps healthcare marketers run their member rewards loyalty programs providing all the tools needed to create, manage, and analyze the performance of their member communication. Reporting is a critical part of Intuition for Healthcare and it’s designed to let you see what's happening, in real-time, at all times.

Admin Portal and Analytics

Our intuitive dashboard and reporting interface makes it easy to track member enrollment status, card fulfillment, and program engagement.

All data is available in the admin portal where managers can view member lookup, reporting inquiries, and all quality control functions, including card inventory.

Intuition for Healthcare allows brands to:

  • Manage and customize their direct-mail campaign delivery options based on member needs. 
  • Ensure that members receive the right information at the right time
  • View reports in real-time and make adjustments as needed
  • Access valuable insights into program health via graphs and KPIs

Stress-Free Fulfillment

Intuition for Healthcare is a system built to scale with clients as their needs grow. It starts by recording earned rewards in an easy-to-use system, which triggers reward options and notifications. Once you have it set up, Intuition handles the rest. Gift cards are delivered automatically once a customer earns them, with an email alerting them about their reward. Intuition is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your reward fulfillment process. Here is how it works:

  1. Health Insurers upload their list of rewards and gift cards.
  2. The system auto-generates fulfillment orders from the list.
  3. The system will check awards vs. scanned gift cards to match card to the recipient.
  4. The system will send trigger emails to Baesman’s ESP for deployment and tracking (opens, clicks)
  5. The system flags any manual override or inconsistent fulfillment options, so we can investigate and ensure accurate results.

We believe that not only can you save on your healthcare costs by motivating good behavior, but also that you can automate the process with a workflow that your members will enjoy.

When you take steps to keep your members happy, loyal and healthy, everyone benefits! Schedule a demo today and learn more about what INTUITION for Healthcare has to offer.

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