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Leveraging Customer Loyalty in Times of Economic Uncertainty

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Let's explore the strategies and insights shared in a recent webinar on leveraging customer loyalty in times of economic uncertainty, by Cassie Preston, Director of Client Services and CRM at Baesman Group. From understanding the current economic environment to focusing on key loyalty fundamentals, we'll delve into practical approaches that brands can adopt to enhance customer engagement, drive profitability, and build lasting relationships with their customers in these challenging times.

The Challenges Brands and Consumers Are Facing in Today's Environment.

In today's environment, both brands and consumers are faced with a multitude of challenges. Economic uncertainty has disrupted supply chains, leading to product shortages and increased costs, requiring brands to be agile and adaptive in their marketing and product strategies. With the rise of e-commerce and the digital landscape, brands also face the task of effectively engaging customers across multiple online platforms while providing seamless experiences.

Brands have become more discerning in their purchasing decisions, seeking value, authenticity, and personalized experiences from the brands they choose to support. As a result, brands must navigate these complex challenges to meet evolving consumer expectations and build meaningful connections that drive loyalty and long-term success.

How Are Brands Looking At The Economy?

In the retail industry in particular, inflationary pressures have impacted pricing models and strategies, leading to challenges in maintaining profitability and managing inventory levels. Some retailers are resorting to deep discounting to alleviate inventory burdens, while others struggle with meeting demand due to insufficient stock. Despite these difficulties, brands maintain a cautious optimism about the economy. They recognize the need to adapt and stay relevant to consumers while also realizing the potential of loyalty programs as a long-term retention strategy.

Loyalty initiatives offer the opportunity to provide value to top-performing customers and segments, ensuring that they receive the attention they deserve. By leveraging loyalty, brands aim to create lasting relationships and secure customer loyalty even in uncertain times.

Sales Growth Expectations for 2023

Sales growth expectations for 2023 are promising, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). The projected growth rate of around 4 to 6% aligns well with pre-pandemic levels, demonstrating a positive outlook despite being slightly lower than the previous year. Additionally, the forecast highlights a surge in non-store and online sales, with an expected growth rate of 10 to 12%. This is attributed to brands embracing digital transformation and providing frictionless omnichannel experiences to meet consumer demands. The shift reflects customers' preference for purchasing products through various avenues.

Customer Loyalty Fundamentals and How Can Brands Apply Them.

The average consumer belongs to over 16 loyalty programs. Consumers not only expect these qualities, but they also won’t spend with your brand unless they experience them each trip. As your program evolves it’s important to maintain these fundamentals within your program:

  • Ease of Use
  • Perceived Value
  • Meaningful Recognition
  • Convenience and service

These values are essential as consumers expect them and won't spend with a brand unless they experience them consistently. Brands must truly understand customer preferences by gathering evidence and ensuring alignment with expectations. Personalization is also vital, considering different customer segments and tailoring experiences accordingly. Listening to customers, leveraging data, and delivering what they genuinely desire are crucial components for enhanced value.

How Should Brands Use Personalization to Help Differentiate Their Customer Loyalty Approach?

Personalization goes beyond surface-level tactics like using customers' first names in emails. Instead, it involves understanding customers at a deeper level and catering to their fundamental physiological needs and values. Authenticity is crucial in leveraging data for personalization efforts. Brands need to ensure that the personalized experiences they offer align with the customer's perception of value. By understanding what truly matters to customers and recognizing the behaviors that drive engagement, brands can incentivize and reward desired actions effectively. The key is to create personalized experiences that bring the brand story to life for each customer, making them feel understood and valued within the loyalty program.

Customer Loyalty Program eBook

Ways and Examples Brands Can Provide Value.

Brands can enhance the customer experience by optimizing messaging through a combination of value propositions like promotional offers, loyalty benefits, and convenient payment options. This reduces barriers to purchase.

Forming strategic partnerships with complementary service providers or products is another effective approach, offering added value to existing customers, especially at higher tiers or segmented audiences. These partnerships allow for cost-sharing and mutual benefits by accessing a shared customer base.

In the long term, brands should prioritize seamless omnichannel experiences, focusing on integration, well-designed customer journeys, and retaining loyalty program members. By doing so, negative experiences, customer attrition, or negative reviews, can be prevented. Now is the time to creatively leverage in-house resources and allocate budget to enhance the omnichannel experience, strengthening customer loyalty and satisfaction.

What You’ll Need To Get Started With Customer Loyalty.

Firstly, it's crucial to establish strong partnerships within your organization, particularly with your brand strategy, data analytics, tech, and finance teams. The goal is to ensure alignment and collaboration among your internal teams and build a solid business case highlighting the value that loyalty can bring to drive business growth.

It's essential to have a well-defined process for identifying areas of opportunity within your loyalty program and backing it up with financial analysis to demonstrate the potential return on investment. Remember that loyalty initiatives require continuous improvement, so be iterative and proactive in evaluating and fine-tuning your program. Taking the time to assess your program, even if no changes are made, allows you to gauge its effectiveness and market resonance. Lastly, ensure that your campaigns and initiatives are aligned with the customer journey, supporting a seamless and engaging experience. By paying attention to these factors, you'll be well-prepared to embark on a successful customer loyalty journey.

Basic do's and don'ts before starting a loyalty program.

Screen Shot 2023-05-23 at 1.35.29 PM

Start Your Customer Loyalty Journey Today!

During times of economic uncertainty, brands can thrive by creatively leveraging customer loyalty programs and understanding evolving customer needs. Baesman Group offers expertise in loyalty services and can assist brands with brand strategy and data analytics. By partnering with Baesman Group, brands can embark on a successful customer loyalty journey and navigate economic uncertainty with confidence. 



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