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Using Customization for Point of Purchase Displays that POP

tags Retail Visual Marketing Production

You’re walking down the store aisle, and your eyes are suddenly drawn to a colorful display singing the praises of a product that’s right there on the shelf. You’re intrigued, and with just a moment of thought, you decide to give the product a try.

Engaging customers at the point of purchase (POP) is an effective way to push them to make a purchase. Not all POP displays are just as impactful, though—signs that feel generic may not have the effect you want. 

Learn how customization can help you make each POP sign you display optimized for its environment and audience for maximum impact. 

Why Should Point of Purchase Displays Be Customized?

An uptick in impulse buying in recent years means POP displays can be especially influential on modern shoppers. It may only take a little encouragement to convince a shopper to toss an advertised product into their cart or basket.

Ineffective POP signage is a missed opportunity. 

What makes POP signage ineffective? In some cases, POP signage fails to engage because it feels tired or generic. In other words, it doesn’t get shoppers’ attention, and even if it does, it fails to make a real impression.

Point of purchase signage should pop! You can make that possible by leveraging personalization.

Personalization delivers a more targeted message.

When you’re trying to appeal to everyone, you may fail to really convince anyone. Personalization is becoming a major part of modern marketing, so why should brands and retailers settle for POP signs that feel bland and unspecific?

Consider the differences across various locations where you display your signs and the audience you want to engage at those locations. Wouldn’t a customized message do more to engage customers at each of those locations? 

Customization allows you to deliver a more targeted message, one that effectively grabs shoppers’ attention and persuades them to make a purchase.

Examples of POP Display Customization

Consider these examples of how customization can take POP signage to the next level. 

Highlight certain product features. 

A beverage brand may want to emphasize different aspects of their product in the message and visuals depending on the store or department where it’s being sold. In a gym or sporting goods store, the most effective display may include a picture of an athlete drinking with the message emphasizing the hydration the drink provides or the low calories it boasts. In a grocery store, a message aimed at parents or families may be more fitting, celebrating the drink’s popularity with kids or its value. 

Make displays unique to their location. 

Another example of POP customization is including location-specific language to make signs more engaging and relatable. For example, a sign could say something like. “Columbus families love [Product]” or “A trip to [Store] isn’t complete without adding [Product] to your cart!” 

How Can You Make POP Customization Happen on a Large Scale?

Personalization may seem like a great idea, but is it really feasible when you need to churn out dozens or hundreds of signs for different store locations? 

The key to making tailored POP displays a reality on a large scale is to work with the right printing partner—one who has the customization, ordering, and print technology in place to make it happen.

An online ordering system for signage should make it easy for company members to order the displays they need when they need them and customize these displays as needed. For instance, you may allow them to insert their store or city name, swap out graphics, or add information specific to a sales promotion at their store. 

You want to make sure the system allows these alterations while keeping everything on brand. Baesman’s sign ordering system ensures that all signs are visually consistent with your branding, so no matter how the elements on the sign are customized, it still feels distinctly “you” and serves to reinforce brand awareness and loyalty. 

Baesman’s solutions for visual marketing also include warehousing, kitting, and fulfillment of your POP displays, so you can trust us with the entire process from start to finish.

Time to Make Your Displays POP!

Don’t settle for POP signs that fall flat. Explore Baesman’s visual marketing solutions, and revolutionize the way you engage shoppers. 

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